About Us

I plan to give you full disclosure here. Hopefully, it will help you gain some insight to who I am and where my points-of-view are comprised from.

I am a flexible-scheduled, full-time working mother of a 7-year-old sports fan and a 3-year-old piece of work who loves to wear her big brother's hockey pads. I believe strongly in traditional family values . . . with a modern twist. My husband is the primary bread-winner. I have a natural tendency to identify with alternative views and values, but have a firm grasp on the importance of a strong foundation for a family to develop from, and always hold that in my thoughts when making decisions and raising my children.

I work for an office furniture company 30-40 hours/week as a former Project Designer of 14 years and current Knowledge Management Specialist. I am in the office during my son's school hours (3rd Grade now) of 9am-3pm. Also during those hours, my daughter is in a wonderful Montessori pre-school. Once the kids are in bed, the laptop goes to my lap and my additional office & personal work hours are fulfilled (with a little TV time squeezed in) between the hours of 9:00pm-2:00am (yes, I am a little crazy, but how else will I achieve my goals?)

I started this website because I know it's important to parents to build strong and lasting relationships with their children. I know it's not always easy. I am always thinking about what I can do to spend time with my children; how I can keep their trust, show them encouragement, love and respect; all the while maintaining my sanity and sense of who I am as a woman, a friend, and a partner in life. Through all of this contemplation, I realized how many products are out there for children, but many don't encourage relationship building. I have created this website to hopefully serve as a resource for you. A resource not only for products, but a resource for your struggles and achievements as an individual.


So, how is this site going to work?
We all have life experiences. We all have struggles. We are not alone. This is a forum of support. I will begin with a topic, maybe a little background, or explanation how it relates to us/society/me. I will lead into a verification of fact by one of my "experts" and then into a question. I hope that you will feel empowered to join the conversation and even correct us when you feel we are in error of any statements.

From time to time, you will read a reference to a product. When that's the case, understand that I am doing my best to turn you on to quality items. Each individual product offered here has contributed to the inspiration of my topics that you will be engaging with. I feel strongly toward their beneficial qualities in one way or another. There are millions of products in the marketplace. I am one person. Unfortunately, I do not have time or money to purchase and test each and every product I may mention or advertise on my site. With that said, I welcome reviews, positive or negative, in hopes that I will become a reliable and trustworthy product resource as well.


And so, without further ado, welcome to Our Hugs; where Our Hugs mean everything to shaping Our Future.


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